Strong Mom Through Pregnancy and Beyond

A new program specially created just for moms-to-be and their newborns is available in Glenwood! Paige Cooley, certified personal trainer at Glacial Ridge Wellness Center, completed advanced certification to become a pre and postpartum corrective exercise specialist. Whatever your birthing plan goals might be, Paige wants to help you achieve them!

Benefits of exercise for prenatal and postpartum clients include more energy during pregnancy, reduced stress and anxiety, fewer complications during pregnancy, shorter labor time, quicker recovery from birth, stronger pelvic floor, and increased self-esteem. Paige offers four training packages in addition to a free consultation and assessment. Personal training sessions are 30-60 minutes and are scheduled to fit your needs.

Paige Cooley CPT

Pre/Postpartum Exercise Programs

Pre/Postpartum Consultation and Assessments
Free consultation for pre/postpartum clients to assess your starting point.

Preconception Training
Personal training geared toward getting your body ready for a healthy pregnancy.

Pre/Postpartum Personal Training
Personal training focused on emphasizing the female body and how it performs. Training sessions are tailored to you with your specific story and body in mind.

Essential Training
Meet for two training sessions per month and follow a program individually - tailored to you and your specific needs. Our sessions provide a chance to refresh, remotivate, and review proper form. This is a great option for those who feel confident in exercising on their own.

Mommy and Me Training
Personal training with your baby. We will use our training sessions to create more bonding time for you and your little one. Your baby will assist you in the process as you become stronger.

The standard personal training fee applies. For more information, please visit Glacial Ridge Wellness Center online or call 320.634.2265.

Heartfelt Care Starts Here

The birth of your baby is one of the most memorable, life-changing, and exciting experiences of your life. Schedule an appointment today to learn about the heartfelt care we provide during your journey.

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