At Glacial Ridge Hospital in Glenwood, MN, our success is measured by our patients’ satisfaction with our services and the care they receive.

We appreciate their kind words and recommendations!

Stories From New Moms... Like You!

An Amazing Start to Our New Family
“When we got home we reflected on our delivery and stay experience at GRHS so many times and agreed that it was a 100% positive experience. We were so happy and impressed by the care we received, the beautiful new facility, and just by the staff in general…Each one of them made us feel so comfortable and grateful to have met them.”

-Justine and Aaron L.


Impressive  HEARTFELT Care is Here
“I really can’t say enough about this hospital and what they stand for. Glacial Ridge Health System truly offers heartfelt care. I LOVE it here! I have never had one bad experience”

-Leigh W.


One Experience is All it Took
“I was 30 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and wasn’t happy with the care I was receiving at a different facility. When one of my dearest friends suggested giving Glacial Ridge a try, I agreed I would make an appointment and go from there. I had one appointment and that’s all it took to know that I wanted to deliver my baby at Glacial Ridge. My OB appointments were always great and extremely thorough, which I appreciated. When it came time for delivery (via c-section), it was a little scary but everyone truly sticks to the motto of heartfelt care; we were treated like family by everyone we encountered…The care is truly ABOVE and BEYOND!”

-Maggie L.


Maternity Staff Who Really Care
“…the nurse and Dr. said that I could go home, that I wasn’t progressing very fast yet. On Thursday we went in at 4pm and they kept me. The nurse, Brooke, was wonderful and very nice. She had also been there the night before so she was ready for us. When I left Wednesday, she said, ‘Well, we will keep your room set up for you.’ Brooke made sure that we had everything that we needed. She gave many options for pain management and with her, my husband, and my mother for support, all I needed was Nitrous….”

-Christina A.


1st Babies are Scary Enough; Zero Worry About Our Care!

“…we had lots of nerves and questions with this being our first child, but everything was explained so thoroughly and clearly. Both my husband and I were kept at ease during our time in the clinic and hospital.

Our son Myles was a bit stubborn coming into this world, and when our stamina was running thin, and the day was getting long, every single staff member that came into the room greeted us with renewed energy, a bright smile, and always asking if there was anything they could get us before leaving the room – and we felt like they really meant it.”

-Kelsey B


Home Away From Home for Me and My Baby
“Jessie (van der Hagen, Certified Nurse Midwife) saw me every week and was there waiting for me when I went into labor at week 36.  She welcomed our baby boy into the world; it was the most amazing experience with her calm, quiet presence next to me, guiding me along to the best delivery possible. She was my strength and comforter during the most intense portions of labor and was as excited as we were to meet our little one – as though it was her own. She truly cares for you as if you were the only one in the world. What a great feeling that is! …And, GRHS was my first choice with my first pregnancy and it was such a good experience, I went back for my second pregnancy.”

-Kari M.


I recommend Glacial Ridge Hospital Maternity Care to Everyone“I’ve never had an experience like I have at Glacial Ridge! I recommend them to everyone I know in the area. I cannot thank Dr. Campbell and Megan enough for everything they did to make my labor and delivery as comfortable as they could. This was the best hospital experience ever!”

- Miranda S.


Outstanding Maternity Care from the Heart
“The experience my family and I had with Dr. Campbell and Glacial Ridge Hospital for prenatal care and the birth of our daughter was outstanding.”

-Lisa B.


Exceptional Maternity Care in Difficult Situation
“The service we received at GRHS was exceptional. Dr. Mellgren showed kindness and professionalism through a difficult situation that my husband and I experienced with the delivery of our daughter. The care that we received from him and the other staff is the reason we will continue to use the services that are offered at Glacial Ridge.”

-Angie M.


Birth of our daughter, Willow!
“We wanted to thank everyone personally for the excellent care that we’ve received from Glacial Ridge Health System throughout Alisha’s entire pregnancy and during the birth of our of daughter Willow. Your entire staff was exemplary!”

-Justin and Alisha Z.


Happy to be here!
“My experience having Braigh, was great!  I was scheduled for a C-Section on a Monday morning, but baby wanted to be born on Sunday afternoon.  I was impressed by how quickly the doctors and staff were able to get everything together.  The even better part was that they all seemed happy to come in on a Sunday afternoon, which I know cannot be entirely true!”

-Charity V.


A Very Happy Ending
“In my 8th month of my pregnancy, I had a placenta abruption and needed an emergency Cesarean section. I’m very thankful for the staff that was working that day. … God bless the staff of Glacial Ridge! The doctors and nurses all deserve honorable mention!”

-Debra L


Overall Amazing
“I’m so proud to say we go to GRHS. We have been into the clinic for the worst and best. Have had amazing memories with Dr.Campbell there with having our firstborn son and the most amazing care for all the sickness he has caught this past year. I know I can trust Dr. Mellgren with the care of my son and family. Thank you for having such a great facility in a small community. We all are all so lucky!”

-Caryl F.


Successful, Caring Delivery
“Throughout my pregnancy, I was under the care of Midwife, Jessie van der Hagen. During the many prenatal visits, I was always so impressed with how she really listened to me.”

-Martha H.


My Precious New Baby
“I saw Dr. Campbell for all my prenatal care and Dr. Mellgren was there for my son’s birth, Kai Christian. Glenwood Glacial Ridge Hospital is where I was born too. It was a welcome delivery from all the staff. Follow up care and pediatrician services have been stellar.”

-Sasha E.


Heartfelt Care Starts Here

The birth of your baby is one of the most memorable, life-changing, and exciting experiences of your life. Schedule an appointment today to learn about the heartfelt care we provide during your journey.

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